Speed up the Internet by QoS


Automated network infrastructure
Makes your traffic always on time


Make your network 10 times faster

Let software help you with complicated QoS tasks
It's easier with extra precision.
The probability for QoS options reaches near-infinite numbers.
Mareel algorithm automates the QoS settings for companies
with hundreds and thousands of connected network resources.

Integrate network assets
for all cases

From on-premise to cloud
all links together for fast actions.
It takes 18 hours to locate an issue,
which means several business days.
The fragmented is becoming
a single monitoring point

Mareel diagnostics is quick and accurate.

Focus on speed,
not maintenance

It's the x61 faster Internet.
Tests confirm the VPN speed improvement.
Revenue stream in time is critical for business.
Network accelerates business performance.

Plug and play


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50 USD/month
For simple management
in small networks
  • Light monitoring for small teams
  • Issues, errors, device status, speed checks
  • From Edge to WAN coverage


299 USD/month
For business performance
beyond maintenance
  • Simple QoS for faster speed
  • Algorithm-based dynamic QoS automation
  • Security features such as NGFW, UTM, VPN, etc.


For perfect optimization
in complex infrastructures
(Talk to sales)
  • On-premise / Hybrid / Cloud service integration
  • QoS for multi-cloud infrastructure
  • Load-balancing for cloud network


How do I use Mareel?
Sign up on the website and sign in.

Add your payment methods to order Mareel Key on your dashboard.
Add your resources to the system (automatically done) to set VLAN and QoS options as much as you want.
Why do I need Mareel Key?
For your convenience and security, it automatically adds the detected network resources to your dashboard.

The Mareel algorithm in the key reacts to real-time traffic usage. Connected Mareel Key guarantees the stability and safety of in and out of your network status.

Mareel Key

It automatically uploads
all network resources to Mareel.
Anyone can add resources with Mareel Key.
It's safely separated from your servers 100%.